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Discussion 3 - Guy Hoskinson

Horray Beer!

Part 1

2. In detail, describe a feature of Squeak that you have found particularly useful. What is the feature? Why is it useful? How do you envoke it?

The feature that I have found most useful in Squeak would have to be the ability to select and inspect every object in the system. It allows me to see all the properties of the object, as well as methods being called and the values of instance variables. This feature has aided me in very many debugging issues. The feature itself is the little wrench icon that you find by alt left-clicking an object. Although many editors have a feature similar to this that allows a sort of debugging on the fly, none I have found possess quite the simplicity of Squeak's implementation. Also, the information in the object inspection is updated on the fly, so if I wanted to see how much an object's orientation was changing, I could pull up the inspection panel, and actually see the physical values of the variables changing every second. As previously stated, functionality like this cuts debugging time into a fraction of what it normally is.

In a step by step process, to get the object window, you must first alt click the object so that the buttons show up on the outside, like so:

After you must click on the white and black wrench icon on the upper right side. When you do that, you will recieve this new menu:

Then you must click the inspect morph item, and you will finally get the object browswer:

As you can see with the browser window, I now have the option of viewing all the submorphs, variables, and properties of the object.

Part 2

I found Lee Crippen's assignment to be particularly useful, because he explained various parts about Squeak's method finder that I was previously unaware of. He explained some efficient ways to find methods to use even if you don't know the full name of the method. This will definitely come in handy for milestone 3 and 4.

I found Sam Young's assignment to be very useful, because he explained a lot of things about the StandardFileMenu class that I did not previously know, but I am sure will be helpful in the future. I can see us using this class in milestone 3 and 4.

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