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Discussion 3 - Daniel Engel

A frustrating problem I had with Squeak was working with the interface. It seems really wacky and rather non intuitive at first. You donít have a place to just plop down your code like in almost every other programming language. Instead you add your code to objects. This is a hard concept to wrap your head around. The only real way to get around the interface is to just keep poking at it. Eventually you realize what the really important parts are: the system browser, the hierarchy browser, the workspace, and transcript. I would suggest to anyone just starting Squeak to play around with those 4 parts extensively while trying to learn. Once you learn how to use these parts you can actually get started trying to make something.

A feature of Squeak that I really like is the hierarchy browser. Using it you can see every function that an object has access too through either itself or its parents. This is vital to finding out how things work and being able to use/access them. Most of my time in Squeak so far has been in the browser looking at the different functions. I actually have spent little time coding, most of it is spent just trying to find functions that do certain things. You can open a hierarchy browser for an object by clicking it and pressing alt-h in win

Arcady's Discussion:

I had the same problem as arcady discussed with the periods and the color print. I didn't know what was causing it till reading his dicussion. Very useful.

David's Discussion:

We both wrote about the same useful feature. Its interesting to find that so many find the heirachy browser so useful. Its really something that everyone should use whenver learning something new in Squeak.

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