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Discussion 3 - Vasilios Pantazopoulos

* 10/2 - Sorry, I JUST realized I was only supposed to answer one question *
Part I)
Question I)

The lack of documentation is currently the most frustrating thing about
Squeak. When you need to extend a class, and are trying to find if there's
something in the class which already does what you plan on extending it for,
it very quickly becomes tedious. Even worse is that due to the lack of
commenting, it's extremely difficult to realize what each method does.

The only way to overcome this is to slowly make my own comments to code
as I test it and try and understand what it does.

Question II)

That you can create a sample instance of your class immediately.

This is extremely helpful in that once I change a class, I can immediately
create an instance to test it and see what I've coded. This capability
allows for more connection in my mind between the code I'm writing and
the user interface. When I can immediately see the results of my code,
not only does it help me realize the true effect of my coding on other
classes, but it also helps me understand Smalltalk's operations.

In order to do this, just open a System Browser, choose a class-category,
and right-click (that's in Windows, it's the blue-click, I believe) the
class name that you'd like to create an instance of. Choose "more"
on that menu, and then choose "sample instance". You could also have a
Workspace, on which you simply call the constructor along with "openInWorld".

Part II)
Discussion 3 - Oh Kil Kwon

I wholeheartedly agree with him, as this is near to what I myself find so unique and handy about Squeak. While there's not much you can find in the way of documentation, the pure tactical aspect of creating and playing with an object right off-the-bat really helps in understanding the purpose of that object and how it should be used.

Discussion 3 - G. Stepanov

He managed to hit on one of my problems with Squeak. I don't like that it's possible in Squeak to use objects to edit the classes which those objects are instances of. The real problem is taht it could be done so easily when simply poking through the code to understand something that's not documented at all. As he found out, one or two extra characters in seemingly innocuous places can completely disable Squeak, and that just doesn't seem like it should be possible in any coding environment. Just proves how careful one should be....

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