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Discussion 3 - Izudin Ibrahimbegovic

Discussion 3

One of the features of the Squeak environment that I've found particularly useful is the morph inspector. One can bring it up by first bringing up the halo of a Morph, then clicking on the debug button and selecting "inspect morph". I found this feature helpful because it helped me see of what components this particular morph is comprised of. It also lists all instance variables and I found it useful to see the effects of changing those in the morph inspector window.

One of the most useful discussion that I read was posted by Jiasheng He.
I found it useful to view multiple classes and their methods. From now on I will use this tool more often and I am sure that ig will help increase my productivity.
LINK: Discussion 3 - Jiasheng He

Another very useful discussion I found was posted by Manabu Shimobe. This discussion deals wiht the Refactoring Browser.
This tool can save a lot of time when accessors and modifier methods are required.
LINK: Discussion 3 - Manabu Shimobe

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