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Discussion 3 - Jason McGarr

Follow link below for:
Discussion 3 - Part I

Discussion 3 - Part II

Vasil Lika
I found Vasil's disscussion to be useful. To do any amount of real work in Squeak it is necessary to
have several windows open. A system browser for different classes you want to edit, multiple for the same class
so you can freely navigate the open class without submitting the changes, a workspace window, a method finder widget, and
maybe a transcript. All these open windows can make your workspace cluttered quickly. So a taskbar to minimize and switch
between windows would be very helpful. Vasil provides a description of two taskbars that he found, and where to download

Jiasheng He
Jiasheng's solution for the cluttered workspace problem was even better. I have always wanted a way to
edit multiple classes and functions at once without opening another system browser. The Whisker Browswer's
layout is very nice and would help me program several things at once without all the clutter.
It seems like a must download.

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