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Discussion 3 - Manabu Shimobe

(In detail, describe a feature of Squeak that you have found particularly useful. What is the feature? Why is it useful? How do you envoke it?)

When I started playing with Squeak, I found out that the System Browser is very useful. By using the System Browser, I could look at Squeak source codes and edit them to see what happens. This was very helpful for learning Squeak since I could look at many source codes like BookMorph and see how they work.
Anyway, I guess many people feel the System Browser is very useful. So, I will talk about something else that can be useful for others in the future.

There is a refactoring browser available for Squeak. It is an advanced version of the System Browser plus extra features.
Refactoring basically means making your code simpler and elegant so that your program becomes easy to reuse(Of course, you have to preserve the behavior of your program). We must write reusable codes in case we are required to add additional features into our program.
You can use the Refactoring Browser in many ways(There are many things you can do, so I will just explain a few). For example, you can rename variable names and method names(this is trivial, but you don't have to do it manually throughout all of your code), or you can even retrofit design patterns into an existing program. So, it is possible to improve the structure of your Squeak program automatically.
Now, I guess you can start using the Refactoring Browser by creating getter and setter methods for a variable automatically. If we get used to this great browser, it might help us a lot in our future milestones.
(Please see the picture below)
Uploaded Image: squeak3.jpg

Since this is Objects and Design class, refactoring can be an interesting topic.

(You can download the refactoring browser from this website. After filing in the .st file, you can open a Refactoring Browser in Squeak from the World menu by clicking the "open..." submenu and then selecting "Refactoring Browser".)


Discussion 3 - Jiasheng He
I found this post regarding the Whisker Browser to be particularly useful. When I was working on Milestone1 and Milestone2, I had to open one system browser for each class/method I wanted to see. Sometimes, it was very annoying since I accidentally closed the system browser I needed.(because there were over five system browsers on my small "13-inch" LCD monitor to view methods/classes)
Now, the Whisker Browser can solve the problem I had. According to his post, the Whisker Browser allows us to view multiple classes and functions at once. Hmm, I will have to download this great browser.

Russell Myers' Discussion 3
His post regarding the AlignmentMorph seems very useful for Milestone3(Layout). According to him, the AlignmentMorph allows us to create HTML-like tables for adding and organizing Morphs. So, we can make any number of columns and rows and put them into a customized table. For the alignment, we can make each individual morphs to be centered.(as an example) Also, we can even add spacing between cells in the AlignmentMorph.
The AlignmentMorph seems very useful for creating layouts.

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