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Discussion 3 - Joung-Goo Lee

Part 1: Create and Post a Discussion

2. In detail, describe a feature of Squeak that you have found particularly useful. What is the feature? Why is it useful? How do you envoke it?

Make Morphic project link by InternalThreadNavigationMorph.

I found that make Morphic project link by InternalThreadNavigationMorph. it will be very useful for make more active presentation. When I meke a presentation contents by Morphic project then one Morphic project becomes One page. InternalThreadNavigationMorph make button that pass into next page or previouspage will be made under the right side.
1. Open two Morphic project.
# go the world menu -> open -> Morphic project
2. Remove unnecessary Flaps.
# go the world menu -> Flaps -> Remove unnecessary Flaps.
Uploaded Image: c1.gif
3 doit! InternalThreadNavigationMorph
# go the world menu -> new morph -> from alphabtical list -> InternalThreadNavigationMorph.
Uploaded Image: c2.gif
4. InternalThreadNavigationMorph that pass into next page will be made under the right side.
so, now i can move to next page like page1(Morphic project) to page2(Morphic project) or previous page.
Uploaded Image: c3.gif
5. Edit with menu of InternalThreadNavigationMorph.
push the small circle on InternalThreadNavigationMorph -> navigation.
Uploaded Image: c4.gif

Part 2: Read Other Posts and Pick a Good One
Next, find two posts that you think are useful. Link to them on your original page and explain why you found them particularly useful. This part is due Monday, October 3rd.

Discussion 3 - Stephen Rollyson

The Message Finder is a very useful feature. When I was doing M1 and M2, the most painful thing was finding useful method. It make quick search to find method. So, now I can save a lot of time.

Discussion 3 - Jiasheng He

The Whisker Browser’s feature is useful. it make to multiple of classes and functions at once. It seems like more powerful then System Browser. Now I’m trying to use.

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