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Discussion 3 - David Eakes

Discussion 3.

Part 1
Hooray! A rant!
So I'm programming the morphic widgets for Milestone 2 and Squeak crashes...a lot! Squeak would do this white screen of death and I'd have to close the VM to continue. At least I saved often. And one time the VM corrupted itself! I had to download a new VM from Anyway, after trying and trying to find my problem, I eventually gave up and our group turned in what we had. I found out last Friday afternoon from the instructor that the problem might be "super initialize." which as soon as he said it I knew was the problem. Therefore, adding that one line to our code would have solved all our problems. Amazing that something so small could do all that damage. I guess the same way removing the bottom brick from a house could cause it to collapse. Never have I seen a language where the VM doesn't automatically take care of the call to super, but then again maybe I'm not experienced enough.

Part 2
Blake Israel 2 Discussion 3
That's really odd that adding a method like that and then embedding into a book morph would work, but hey I've learned not to question smalltalk and just go with it. Very useful and I'll keep this in mind.

Discussion 3 - Brian Henke
I knew about this, but haven't really used it much (or known the hotkey to get to it). It looks like a very useful thing so that one can know what classes on which other classes inherit.

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