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Discussion 3 - Chris Ronderos

2. In detail, describe a feature of Squeak that you have found particularly useful. What is the feature? Why is it useful? How do you envoke it?

The feature I found particularly useful was the ability to file out into a .st file a specific Category or Class. In the Package Browswer window, right click in the Category or Class pane (it works in Package, Message Category, and Message, but I havent found these useful yet). Make sure to right click on what you want to file out. Select "file out" in the menu. Viola! In the squeak directory a file with the same name as the selected thing is created. It contains the changeset necessary to add just that Class (or Category of classes) to anyone's Squeak.

This enables me to be more specific in what gets filed out without having to play games with generating new changesets and filing them out at specific times. Rather, I can file out particular classes individually. This was also very useful in the assignment, when I created, during the course of my programming, multiple classes which I no longer used. I did not want to delete them, and delete the work I had put into their methods, but they were unnecessary for the assignment. Using this functionality, I was able to file out just the classes I used for the assignment. That way, my leftover garbage wasnt transferred to my team mates' systems.

You envoke it from the right click menu in the Package Browser window.

Things I found useful:

Discussion 3 Kalpit Patel
Reason: I have struggled with the lack of documentation a lot. However, I had not thought of using the debugger. That is a very useful tool to see what Squeak is doing. Also, the link to is reference to a good source of information. I will definatley use it in the future as I learn squeak.

Discussion 3 - Vishal Patel
Reason: I like to be able to customize things. It is good to know the "Source" menu is there, so that when I want to customize how the IDE performs, Ill know where to turn. This could also be a place to start debugging to find methods to change fonts.

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