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The Round Bovines

Final Project for the Round Bovines

Hi! We're the Round Bovines. We got our name from the cute little spherical cow that graces the start frame of BOOST. We started off this semester mostly clueless on what to do for this class. Our first few grades were so-so as we struggled to get a grasp on Squeak. Eventually we found our niches in the group. Eric became the Squeak guru, and did most of the user interface stuff. Katie was the BOOST goddess. Josh was the HTML parser guy. I did most of the web actions, and also became the one who spoke for the user (ie, I wrote help text). Here's a run-through of our wonderful newspaper project.

1. Open Squeak and file in our code.

2. Open a system browser and go to the Pluggable Web Server category. Find the Server Action class inside this category. Go into the class methods, find the server directory, and change the directory so it returns 'c:\temp\'. Yes, this step is messy, but there is no way to access this with a method, so you have to change it manually. As of now, this only works on Windows, since it is not guaranteed that another OS will have this directory.

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