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Discussion 3 - Daniel King

Part 1:

I had a problem with the saving and loading of a project file that had me fearing that I would have to start all over again.

Once I finished everything for Milestone 1, I set up an example presentation and had the required code to set it up in a workspace, along with browsers opened to my class files. So, then I go to save it as a project file. After I click save, nothing seemed to happen, so I decided to try again. Now, a little box pops up saying “Publishing (collecting resources…)” and then disappears. But then, the box comes back. So, I though it was just doing some more saving, but after a minute or so, I had decided that it was not going to finish. I tred to get rid of the box and get back to my project, but there was no way to close it, and I could not even access my project – it was protected by some sort of grid. Not making much progress, I restarted Squeak and saw that a file was saved, so I loaded it. However, that annoying box was still there.

I didn’t feel like fiddling with it at the time, so I just opened up the project file in Wordpad, found my code and copied and pasted it into a new file. This time I made sure not to even think about clicking the save button twice.

However, now that I’ve had time to work with it, I have determined that there is a much simpler solution: simply click anywhere in the workspace and select "Previous Project" - the first thing in the World menu - and voila, the box vanishes and takes the grid with it. Though this is a very simple way to solve the problem, it is not very apparent. I would expect there to be some sort of cancel button, rather than going to the previous project. And, I would think that you couldn't save a saving project anyway.

Here is the box itself - you can click on it and on the grid all you want, but it won't be pushed aside:
Uploaded Image: evil.jpg

Part 2:

I found Andrew Calvin's discussion dealing with event handling particularly useful. He listed out all the events that can be 'caught', which would have really helped me when I was making the button for my M1 timer widget. I had problems getting the button to work, since I didn't know much about event handling in Squeak, and my solution did not work very well. Andrew also gives examples of effects in menus, such as rollover effects, which could be very useful to make a program visually appealing.

I also found Ashley Durham's discussion about the method finder in Squeak useful. I didn't even realize that the Method Finder existed until I read her discussion; I had only used the class browsers to find what I needed for my programs. Now I can save some time searching by using the Method Finder when the Class Browser is not giving me what I need to get something done.

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