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Discussion 3 - Michael Hansen

The most useful feature of Squeak that I have found is the accessibility of the code, and the real-time compiling thereof. When I first took this class, I wondered how I was going to be able to learn the pre-existing classes without an API. Surprisingly, having all the code at my fingertips is better than having a separate API. This feature of Squeak removes all ambiguity of what methods and classes actually do, because you have all of the source code.

This feature of Squeak also makes additions to existing classes a snap. Class doesn't do something you think it should? Add it. Whenever I need a core class to do something peculiar, I can always bang out a method in 5 minutes and get back to the real programming. No time is wasted. My train of thought is still on track. I don't waste an hour extending an existing class (ala Java) and then refactoring everything to use the new class.

This feature may seem fairly obvious, but a lot of people get their heads stuck in the C++/Java-mode and overlook the fact that everything in Squeak is mutable. I think this makes the language refreshing to say the least.

Discussion 3 - Laura Parker - If I were to change anything in Squeak, I would make it so you could do everything with only one browser window open. She pretty much hits the nail on the head.

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