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Discussion 3 - Michael Groves

The feature i found useful while writing the code for the addImageMorph, was squeaks ability to apply code changes to already instantiated objects. When I started testing my code for scaling and rotating the pictures in the image morph I did not think about the fact that code changes were retroactively applied. This meant that each time i changed some code because my morph was not working i would delete the old one, make a new on and go through the process of browsing my file system to add an image to the morph, needless to say this added an extra minute to each code change I did. Most of the changes I was making were minor tweaks to get the morph working, so they usually took less than a minute to change, so the extra minute to set my morph back up again was doubling the amount of time I was spending on this part of the code. After about halfway through this process i remembered that squeak retroactively applied code changes, so at this point when every i changed my code i could then just test it with the object i already had instantiated.

Part 2
Discussion 3 - Brad Sickles
I found Brad's discussion of over coming that lack of documentation in squeak similar to my own experiance with dealing with squeaks lack of documentation.
Discussion 3 - Lee Crippen
Lee's discussion about the Method Finder was particularly usefully for me because I had trouble finding methods for doing different things while working on milestone 2, I ended up just using the browser to find classes that I thought would have the methods I was looking for. Instead it would have been easier to just use the Method Finder.

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