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Discussion 3 - William Lee

PART I (Question 2)

One of the features of the Squeak environment that I've found particularly useful is the explorer windows. One can bring them up for a general object by highlighting part of one's code in the Workspace (containing the object of interest), right-clicking, and choosing ‘explore it’ from the resulting menu. For morphs that are clickable on one's screen, one can “yellow button click” on a morph, choose the debug symbol from the halo menu (a wrench on a gray background), and select 'explore morph' from the resulting menu.

For the longest time, my method of choice for poking around in Squeak and trying to figure out how objects worked and fit together involved heavy use of 'inspect it,' while I ignored the 'explore it' option almost entirely. I'm not saying that 'inspect it' isn't useful, but after seeing 'explore it' demonstrated again in class, and after playing around with it a bit on my own, I realized that it helps me keep my thoughts organized (thus saving time) when trying to understand how things fit together. When you explore a morph for example, the window contains a large amount of pertinent information on the morph arranged in a treelike structure with expandable/collapsible branches. This includes detailed information on both the current morph’s owner and submorphs, which can then be readily inspected or explored by right clicking on their entries in the tree.


I found Jiangshe He’s post regarding the Whisker Browser to be particularly enlightening. I’m sure I speak for almost everyone when I say that was EXTREMELY annoying on both M1 and M2 to be sitting there, trying to figure out Squeak, and have two dozen system browsers floating all over my modest 17” monitor, each one viewing only one class and/or one method in a class. It was very easy to lose my train of thought or accidentally browse away from some method I needed to view later. I will have to look into this Whisker Browser.

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