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Discussion 3-Marcus Moore

Part 1
In detail, describe a feature of Squeak that you have found particularly useful. What is the feature? Why is it useful? How do you envoke it?

Perhaps one of the best things I find about squeak is being able to get a fresh copy really fast and importing change sets into them. This way, you can have one squeak to work in, and the other squeak to test stuff in. For example, if two members of a group are working on the same code, and one person decides to import a change set, the coding might conflict due to a few extra methods being here and there. If, however, the person has a fresh copy of squeak, the conflicts wouldn't be a problem, as you would have whatever is in the change set and nothing else. Of course, I would never save any images within the second squeak, allowing me to save the image in the squeak that I'm programming in very often.

For a basic process of installing two copies of squeak in windows(at least for me) is to install squeak from After doing so, create a folder within the squeak folder and name it something like "testsqueak". Install another copy there.

Whenever you want to test code out, simply place the change set(.cs file) within the testsqueak folder, file the code in through the second copy of squeak by oepnining squeak, left clicking in squeak's background, clicking open, then clicking file list. Within the new pop-up there should be the change set file (or similar). Click it, then click the buttons change set and test the code!

Part 2

Discussion 3 - G. Stepanov

Perhaps one of the more interesting posts I think, Stepanov also gave me a good resource that I can use in the future. I found it quite funny that modifying one little line such as that could completely disable squeak. However, the reason I found it interesting is because I now know what class I can extend or look at in order to deal with keystrokes. I'm sure this will be very useful in the future(and possibly now since I'm responsible for automatic resizing of textboxes)

Discussion 3 - Jiasheng He

This one just LOOKS cool and useful to use. I found it very irritating to open multiple browsers every single time I had to look at more than one method at a time! UGH! I think I'll be using this very very very soon! :)

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