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Discussion 3 - Lee Crippen

Part 1: In detail, describe a feature of Squeak that you have found particularly useful. What is the feature? Why is it useful? How do you envoke it?

One of the most useful features I've found so far in Squeak is the Method Finder widget. The widget is found in the Tools flap on the right hand side, and can be used by dragging the icon into the main world area. The widget is pretty simple and easy to use, and I found it immensely useful. Before finding out about it, I would spend a lot of time searching through classes and their super classes, trying to find methods appropriate to what I was trying to do.

Specifically, I used it when trying to find the methods for changing font sizes for the resizable text area we implemented. Many of the methods I needed to use were not implemented in TextMorph, but either in its super classes or other editor classes. I tried to find them by brute searching at first, which was both time-consuming and not very successful. The method finder widget, once I found it, turned out to be very very helpful. I just typed in a keyword of the method I needed and every method with that keyword popped up for me to look at, along with the class containing the method. The widget turned out to be a lifesaver.

Part 2:
Discussion 3 - Jiasheng He
Jiasheng He's discussion of the WhiskerBroswer was really interesting. I have had that exact problem when coding in Squeak, and have ended up following the second path he described - keeping a big mess of browers all open at once. I am able to get the work done, but having a big disorganized pile of browsers has always bothered me. I think the Whisker Browser might be something for me to use.

Russell Myers' Discussion 3
Russell Myers' discussion of his alignment problem and its solution was also interesting. I looked for some kind of layout managing system for graphics for the first milestone without any success, and ended up just assinging the different pieces relative positions. This AlignmentMorph will definitely come in handy for the future.

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