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Discussion 3 - Mark Shalda

In detail, describe a feature of Squeak that you have found particularly useful. What is the feature? Why is it useful? How do you envoke it?

A feature that I have found extremly useful in writing programs in squeak is the "Hierarchy Browser". This feature allows you to find the superclass of any given class, and the superclass of its superclass and so on. This feature is useful to me, as there are many times when i am using a class that is a specific subclass of another class in squeak. Since the inherited methods arent shown in the browser unless they have been overridden, it can be difficult to find all the methods that can be called on objects I have created in squeak. It gives you another browser like window, but instead of a category and class window, its just one window that has a tree structure. The end of the tree is the class that you are looking at and the root is "Object" which is the root for nearly all class hierarchys.

The "Hierarchy Browser" can be invoked from within the normal browser by double clicking on a particular class. It can also be envoked by either right clicking on the class and selecting from the menu "browse heirarchy" or by left clicking and using hotkey "Alt + h".

Next, find two posts that you think are useful. Link to them on your original page and explain why you found them particularly useful. This part is due Monday, October 3rd.

Jiasheng He's discussion of the downloadable plugin called "whiskey browser" seems extremly useful. This seems to not only combine the hierarchy browser and the normal class browser together, but also allows for multiple class viewing at the same time. This addon seems as though it could save lots of time in flipping back and forth between seperate browsers.

Wes Floyd's discussion of the FillInTheBlankMorph is very helpful. I was looking to use this exact type of feature in M1 but was not able to find the particular pop up box i wanted for the user to input how long his presentation would last.

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