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Discussion 3 - Nirav Shah

Part 1 - In detail, describe a feature of Squeak that you have found particularly useful. What is the feature? Why is it useful? How do you envoke it?

One feature that I found useful in Squeak is the CustomMenu class. When I was working on Milestone 2, I had a lot of trouble finding ways for the user to pick a page to link to when they try to create a link. At first, I tried using a FillInTheBlankMorph, but I discovered that it would be too difficult, as I would have to test for all sorts of erroneous user input. I then tried using a SelectionMenu and an EmphasizedMenu, but I could never get either one working.

Finally, I found the CustomMenu, which worked perfectly for me. The CustomMenu is useful when needing for the user to choose from a list of options, as it allows the user to choose from a set list of options, or from a varied list of options (by using a loop). For example, while working on Milestone 2, the number of options available for the user to choose from depended on the size of the presentation. You may also choose to send arguments to the method called upon selection of an option, by using an OrderedCollection or an Array along with the argumentList method.

Part 2 - Next, find two posts that you think are useful. Link to them on your original page and explain why you found them particularly useful.

One post that I found particularly useful was Vishal Patel’s post on color-coded code. I did not know that Squeak supported such a feature, as this feature makes it much easier for me to read my code. This feature helps out a lot in programming – especially debugging your program, as it makes it much easier to spot minor errors that take hours otherwise to figure out. For example, putting a random apostrophe (in a string) in will show up easily (as the text is grayed out), allowing the programmer to notice the error and correct it rapidly.

Another post that I found useful was Jiasheng He’s post on the Whisker Browser, which allows the programmer to view multiple classes and methods at the same time. This feature takes out any clutter the programmer may have in Squeak (multiple System Browsers) and color codes each class open, so as to avoid confusion. This therefore makes it much easier to program, as the programmer can avoid clutter and still have multiple classes open at the same time.

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