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Discussion 3 - Priyanka Mahalanabis

Part 1
In detail, describe a feature of Squeak that you have found particularly useful. What is the feature? Why is it useful? How do you envoke it?

For Milestone 1 - I did not understand how to implement ClockMorph so I decided to look for something more related to a timer itself. I found what is called the LedTimerMorph and it was much easier to implement. The only downside is that I could only put my total number of seconds on the timer morph versus putting it in minutes and seconds form.

EXAMPLE : '120' instead of '2:00'

I do believe that with a little bit more work through this - you can actually put it in proper minutes and seconds form.

To set the value of the LedTimerMorph you would simply write
time := LedTimerMorph new.
time digits: 9.   ! defaults to 2 digits 
time value: <whatever starting value you desire> 

Then all you really need to do from that point is decrement the value as you would using step.


Part 2
Next, find two posts that you think are useful. Link to them on your original page and explain why you found them particularly useful.

The post by Amro Mousa was useful. I too experienced the whole Squeak crashing...multiple times. It took me a good amount of time to figure out why this was. I don't actually remember what it was that I changed to fix the problem but I now know that I should always call super initialize. Thanks!

Derek DeRap's post about how code can be executed in even comment form is pretty nifty. I did not know that - but now I will most likely try that on those places where I see documentation instead of having to write it out myself in a workspace. Thanks!

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