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Discussion 3 - Jiasheng He

Problem: Selecting, Viewing, and Editing Multiple Classes or Functions at Once
As many people have noted, the System Browser is very useful. However it has a major drawback: you can only view one function per system browser. Of course, a lot of programming requires you to work on several things at once. But if you want to edit another function while you work on the first one, you have to either: save your work so that you can navigate elsewhere, which you may or may not want to do yet, or open another system browser, which takes up a lot of screen real estate. Most people end up doing the latter option, and their Squeak desktops end up quite cluttered.

Solution: Whisker Browser
After a quick search, I found the Whisker Browser page (this page for download link). This is a browser that works similarly to the System Browser, except that it allows you to view multiple classes and functions at once. In the picture below you can see an entire list of classes, and the hierarchy that they are in. You can select a class (or multiple) from either list and they will pop up on the next column over. Notice that I have both BookMorph and BooklikeMorph selected plus several functions of both classes. Whisker colors those function sub-windows the same color that it assigns to the class window (for example, in the screenshot, the six BookMorph functions open all have green windows while the BookLikeMorph ones are clay colored), so you'll know which function belongs to which class. Also notice that I have edited the defaultColor and fromRemoteStream: functions, as denoted by the red outlines in their windows. I can edit as many functions as I want, and Whisker won't require me to save unless I decide to close one of those windows. In short, the Whisker Browser solves both of the aforementioned problems of saving and Squeak desktop real estate.

Uploaded Image: Whisker.jpg

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This discussion is a good writeup of how useful and important the System Browser is, but it also initially reminded me of the inherent problem that the System Browser suffers from - the single selection problem which I've addressed in my own discussion.
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Method Finder is a useful tool that I have not used before. In the very near future, I can see myself manually needing to sift through the numerous methods of various libraries to find something. Using Method Finder, I could just do a quick search to find what I the method.

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