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Discussion 3 - Eric Amy

Having some sort of code version control system is useful when working in a team. Consequently there is one written for use in Squeak:
I had trouble getting our Monticello repository set up. It works so long as one is accessing it from a workstation on the CoC network, using the "directory with subdirectories" repository type. But even though said directory is in my group-member's web space, the Monticello browser claims that it doesn't recognize the URL as a repository. As I'm writing this down, I think I've figured it out.

Solution: Access to the 'PUT' command through HTTP is necessary to use a Monticello repository. Due to the security risk, OIT probably doesn't allow the command. Also, the reason it immediately doesn't recognize a URL as a Monticello repository may be because it can't retrieve a directory listing. Apache has to be configured to allow directory listings in order for an HTTP request to a directory to return the contents of that directory.

Other helpful anti-Squeak rants:

Discussion 3 - Arcadiy Kantor
I just thought that I kept forgetting to put the period on the last line. It helps to know that it was just Squeak making it harder to code and save often.

Discussion 3 - Fisnik Shpuza
This describes one possible solution to a file-extension specific file-browser. It's nice that it is only one line.

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