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Discussion 3 Kalpit Patel

In detail, describe a problem that you experienced in Squeak. What was the problem? Why did it happen? How did you eventually overcome this problem?

I think Squeak has a Major problem and the is lack of documentation and a samall problem that is how Squeak names Every thing in the environment… for example we have browser, file list and so on. They way it affects me is when I look on the net to find an example code on how to write a code to pop up file list in squeak most of the tutorials that come up are on how to pull up a file list or use one. This goes along with the lack of documentation and tutorials available online. Most of the pages you do get from the search are the pages that have nothing on them or just a list of methods and there parameters. I have found that about 60% of the documentation on the site has no explanation of what it takes in or what dose it does. I think Squeak is a Great language to work in. Squeak pretty much dose every thing for you. I understand that my argument could go both ways simple naming style helps a lot of people guess the method name or variable they want to use. The method finder feature in Squeak could be a lot of help only if the method had some type of documentation saying what they do how thing are being implemented. Programmers have to use trial and error process to understand the methods and parameters costing a huge amount of time. The worst part of the whole situation is the fact that if one knows how it works and what parameters it takes in one can see how easy and quickly one can implement it

The reason I think we have this problem is because squeak is not a famous language. The main reason is there are very few programmers who actually work with squeak. Any one can easily see how squeak turns away the curious programmers. The lack of documentation and the confusing layout takes a lot of time for the programmer to get use to Squeak. The book for Squeak is helpful to understand the basics of the Squeak. If some one has an advanced or particular question the book is use less. I have both books of Squeak the white one and the blue one and neither one of them explain how to properly implement a scriptable button or how to rotate an image.

The best way I have figured to use or understand some part of Squeak is to debug it. The way you do that is first of all bring up the halo on the object ( for ex:- buttons on the bottom of the screen) second click on the debugging icon that pops up a menu and from there u click on browse morph or inspect morph. This shows the implementation of the methods and classes. Once you have this one can understand how it works and how to implement things. I have also made a good use of the site if You use the search feature it has a lot of good examples on how to do several things. One thing that I do not like about the site is most of the pages are blank or have really simple examples on how to implement simple things.


I found Vishal’s Discussion on Color Coding Code very helpful. I like this feature because it dose what it says it Color Codes your code and makes it easy to spot mistakes.

Second article that I found interesting was that of Samuel Young. He points out the flaw in implementing the “StanderdFileMenu” . He also dose a great job in providing a link to refer to for the fix for it as well. I think this will save people a great deal of head ache.

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