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Discussion 3 - David Figlar

Part 1: Create and Post a Discussion
In detail, describe a feature of Squeak that you have found particularly useful. What is the feature? Why is it useful? How do you envoke it?

I found the "inst vars" button in the browser to be very helpful. Upon selecting an instance variable, it opens up a new window listing all accesses to that variable in all classes. This helped me discover meaning behind functions and classes. It also helped me track the type of obscure object an instance may be. There was also the "inheritance" button that helped somewhat but less so.

I'm still looking for the way to search all classes for a string... as this would make my life a whole lot easier. Hopefully this assignment will help out with that.

Part 2: Read Other Posts and Pick a Good One

I found Lee Crippen's post useful in my quest for easily being able to find the inner workings (methods, variables, etc.) of Squeak.
Link: Discussion 3 - Lee Crippen

I also found Peter Budny's post quite useful. It described the Inspector, which I have never used before, that allows you to debug objects even while being accessed. Being that one of my favorite things is debugging and fixing errors, this information was benefitial for me to know.
Link: Discussion 3 - Peter Budny

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