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Courtland Goodson - Discussion 3

One of my major problems with squeak came with editing the class files. On Milestone 2, I attempted to save time by editing TextMorph to resize the text instead of creating a new class. However, since I didnít know that Squeak essentially built itself, my code messed up TextMorph. As a result, I was unable to edit any code or create new code because since my code had flaws, when I saved, it saved the errors into text morph, giving me errors each time I attempted to type a character. Fortunately, since I didnít save the image, I was able to shut Squeak down and start over.

Therefore, I had to learn my lesson the hard way and create a new class to test and edit my code. Had I done that first, I would not have had this problem. It wasnít too complicated, but what seems like a shortcuts may actually be a deceivingly prettier long route.

My advice to you is to NOT save the image file if you edit a standard class unless you are 110% sure that the code works, and will not inhibit you in the future. Also, I would suggest only doing it in cases that actually improve the code versus just editing a class for one particular case.
This post was extremely helpful because I encounter that error at least 5 times an hour and it gets frustrating not knowing what caused it. However, after reading this post, I realize that a simple period (.) fixes it. It seems as though several students have a C/C++/Java background and grasping the period concept is harder than one would think. In addition, the post gives helpful tips which may not only solve this problem, but general Squeak coding problems as well.

Discussion 3 - Derek DeRaps
This is a helpful post because I did not realize all of the advantages of using the Inspect feature of Squeak. Iíve been doing everything the hard way and hadnít realized that Inspect was so powerful, even though Professor Rick mentioned its power in class (sorry for not listening). I guess hearing it from a fellow classmate makes it more real. Talk about a time saver, Inspect may be one of the top 3 features of Squeak, after Transcript of course.

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