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Discussion 3 - Derek DeRaps

Part 1:

I found the “Inspect” feature incredibly useful. In many of the situations where I couldn’t get squeak to do what I wanted, I would simply inspect the object(s) and run commands on them from their inspect window. This allowed me to mess with things easily until I found the solution. Without this feature, figuring out the many squeak-isms and various classes/methods would take much longer. Inspect can be invoked through an object’s halo, or by just sending an object the inspect message.

When combined with the fact that everything in squeak is an object, the inspect feature becomes even more powerful. Could you imagine right clicking on a JButton inside a Jpanel inside a JFrame inside a JWindow and being given options like executing code directly on the button and having it change and update dynamically… it’s almost impossible for me to imagine. Although troubleshooting the GUI in Squeak is difficult because I don’t know the language and environment that well yet, Squeak makes up for it in rich feature support and an intelligent design.

This is a little off topic, but I have to mention something that just blew me away. As I was reading (in plain English) a class’s comment to figure out how to use it, I thought to myself “hey, part of this paragraph looks like it could be code.” So I highlighted it and pressed alt-D, and it did exactly what I wanted! I was just blown away - not only was the code very similar to English, but I was just able to highlight execute it right there on the spot. Wow!

Part 2:

Thanks to Arcadiy Kantor for not only giving me a clue as to that annoying “Nothing more expected ->” error and for showing me the “color print” option: “Using the 'color print' option in the System Browser to enable syntax highlighting, which automatically formatted the code and made it quite obvious if I was missing a period somewhere. The Color Print option is a dropdown on the right of the System Browser window, which says 'code' by default.” What a great option, thanks again Arcadiy!

I must also thank Samuel Young for giving me a clue about File Browsing, and even providing some code to fix known bugs! My group and I had not been able to find a good solution for selecting files, so we were going to do it manually – create the GUI and methods, etc. Now we don’t have to do that. Great work and thanks again Sam!

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