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Team Hola Mundo

Hola Mundo

Welcome to

'Hola Mundo'


The Project: 'Super Prowler Point'

  • Super Prowler Point is a popular presentation program for Squeak. It is used to create slideshows, composed of text, graphics, movies and other objects, which can be displayed on-screen and navigated through by the presenter or printed out on transparencies or slides. Its main competitors are Microsoft Office, Impress, Corel WordPerfect and Apple Keynote.


Team Members:

  • Hai Tan Phan (Mr. Sea) [gtg394v], It is believed that he is from Vietnam, but in fact many people think that is from out of space. He works so hard that he does not have time to eat, sleep or even go to the big boys room. Mr. Sea is our leader, and we will go to his planet after this epic adventure is over.

  • Trung Lai (Mr. InTheMiddle) [gtg616y], another out of space dude. This subject is very close to the previous one, but experience has given to Mr.Sea the power over all. Mr. InTheMiddle is a very powerfull member of our team as well. He has the special power to work at the CoC in holidays.

  • Luis F. Cruz (Mr. Tools) [gtg648w], This member is a more likely human being. He likes to work from his burrow, specially at night when everybody else is sleeping. He is a very quiet and efficient worker. Every line of code is a piece of art on his hands.

  • Matías Páulez (Mr. Whaat) [gtg188u], This is a very weird person. You never know what he knows or what he thinks. He likes to drink beer and watch soccer. However, he is a nice guy.



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Question - Ahh!! There is no documentation at all !!!!

Answer - Chill out, Just explore the course website. There is much more info in the website that you can possible think. Many students from other semesters have posted tons of answers about common problems. We strongly suggest you to check the whole course website. Trust me on this one.

Question - Dude, We always miss valuable points when the TA grades our project!

Answer - You must print out for each Milestone the "Grading Criteria" and make sure that you have all the points right. Many times if you change your code slightly you can pull your grade up a few points up!!

Question -  I need to see some examples to figure all of this out

Answer- The best code written in Squeak is already there. Take a look to the basic Classes / Methods that make Squeak to work. Open a Class Browser (Alt + B) and search for something that you might think is good for your project. The people who wrote Squeak were really sharp, and the methods and the classes are easy to read and easy to understand. Another good advice is to overwrite methods that are already there. So you can make them to work for you and save you a lot of time.


Warnings: (Don't be like us)

  1. Don't merge two versions of a same Squeak's class or it will override without your consent.

  2. Don't import a class that has the same name as a class already in your Squeak's image, hence overridden problems.

  3. Back up your works a long the way, don't wait until it crashes.


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