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Team Blumpkin

Team Members
Chris Whalen -
Erik Webb -
Nirav S. Shah -
Priyanka Mahalanabis -

Uploaded Image: presentation.png

Milestone 3 - Team Blumpkin
Milestone 4 - Team Blumpkin
Milestone 5 - Team Blumpkin

Team Advice
*Comment code as you go along.. makes it easier for your teammates to understand. It seems small but you can lose a lot of points if you don't comment.
*Start early. Not the day before.
*Use Squeak 3.7.
*Constantly save your work - Squeak will freeze and you can lose hours of work.
*If you can - do your CRC cards on Excel - its saves time when you have to redo them and it looks nicer.
*Code side-by-side

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