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Fall 2005 Milestone 3

In Milestone 2, you created three widgets and did the major part of your SqueakPoint design. For this milestone, you will be putting it all together and implementing it. You will add all three widgets (automatically resizing text, link-to-a-page button, and insert-an-image morph) to your design. In addition, you will add a timer widget as specified in Milestone 1. Then, you will implement your entire design. You need to create at least two templates (that can be used to demonstrate the versatility of your design) and all ten layouts mentioned in Milestone 2. (Note: you do not have to implement bulleted text; you can just use a regular text morph). All the specifications of Milestone 2 still apply. In addition, your design should have a usable interface (no more executing code in workspaces to control the design).

Again, you will turn in two different parts. In class you will turn in your design, including the following: scenarios, CRC cards, UML class diagrams, a test plan, and group member responsibilities. On the turnin site, you will turn in your design with a ReadMe.txt file and a change set file in a zip file. (optionally) You can include a project file. Your code should be well documented and contain good style source code. You should also include SUnit tests. For each class X in your (entire) design, you need to create a Smalltalk Unit class, TestX. You should have methods testing the features of your design. If you follow an eXtreme Programming paradigm, you should actually implement your unit tests before you execute your design. If you have question about this assignment, ask them here.

Grading Criteria

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