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Goo At A Glance

Coming in the morning. It's far too late for this sort of foolishness right now. But, rest assured, we did design something work looking back on.

designing The Goo Times, a treatise
The Goo Times, Inc.
Shaggz Mickley
Tony Homier
Marc Berhault

And on to the fun.....

Here's a random link to our UI page (woohoo! interfaces are fun!):
Goo Times Inc

And here it is, in all its glory, much like fine Corinthian leather:

There are a few things that come to my mind when considering a design for any system, regardless of what you actaully intend to do with it when you're all done ( all done being relative ).

1: How can you make certain that your design will allow for relatively easy expansion?
2: Can you make your design easily readable and understandable by an outside observer?
( i.e. using words like FlowManipulationInterfaceObject2XOnInputStream might be a bit much for some people )

Aside from these basic observations, there are several other factors that you may wish to take into account, such as:

1: What kinds of interactions is your system going to have with the rest of the world?
2: What kinds of interaction is a user going to have with your system?
3: If you were going to build this in a physical environment, what would the various components be/look like? ( There's your classes, ding ding. )
4: If you need to expand on this immediately, where would you start?
(regardless of what the expansion would be)

As it turns out, we ended up being able to follow our design throughout the entire project, including being easily able to add the webserver and stock ticker bits without removing classes, but rather adding new ones for the need interactions.

Here's a nice big uml of our design, for all those interested in such a thing (sick sick people, almost as bad as a cow cooking burgers, and I don't mean no veggieburgers):
External Image

Shaggz Mickley

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