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Team Half & Half

Team Half & Half

Semester: Fall 2005
Our Instructor: Jeff Rick
Our TA: TA Nick

The Project: Squeakpoint

Team Members:
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Pink Half:
Laura Parker.
Ashley Durham.

Blue Half:
Blake Israel.
Mike Hansen.

Our team history
Team Picture
Blake and Mike have previously worked with one another in 2335. Laura knows Blake through friends. Ashley knows Blake from 2110. Pretty much, we all met through our previous CS classes. Though we had never all worked together as a group before, we took a gamble and we all ended up working very well with one another.
Where did we get our name? Well, as is evident in most all CS classes, computer science is a major that is largely males. We found it very unique that there were as many girls as guys in our group, so we decided to call our team "Half & Half". We quickly came to group ourselves into the "pink half" and the "blue half".

Our team mascot:
Uploaded Image: cow.JPG


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Team Half & Half - Milestone 3
Team Half & Half - Milestone 4
Team Half & Half - Milestone 5

A Tutorial on Good Design

General Lessons Learned

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