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Micebeaters: Useful stuff for CS2340

Micebeaters Spring 2000 Project: Developing a Web Based Newspaper.

Welcome to the Micebeaters Cases Section. The goal of this section is to provide you with some examples, advice, and opinions of things you'll find to be of an interest in CS2340. This website is meant to be used as a tool to help you in your future projects.

We will start first by presenting a basic tutorial for starting squeak for the first time. We know that the Platform can be very confusing for the novice user. We struggled through it the first week of school, so we hope that by providing you with some infomation here, that you will not have to struggle as we did :).

Then we will provide you with two cases from our sememster long projects that hopefully will be helpful to you in designing your code.

As a bonus, we have an essay on information warfare that is of interest to future computer professionals, as we are the ones who have to deal with this. We also have individual reactions to the topics by Alex and Jack, and their opinions on how OO could have helped in the Information Warfare.

As for introductions, Micebeater consists of three team members.

Alex Salazaar
Jack Harris
Sumit Goel

Now to the good stuff.

For a set of instructions on how to start off using Squeak GUI, please click below.

So now that we've learned a little bit on how to use the GUI on squeak, onto the cases. These are projects we got A's on, and they should be helpful to you in writing your projects.

Our first assignment for the semester project was to come up with a GUI for our users. Take a look at the description, and code.

The next case is our P4. We've reached the point where we developed a text file newspaper. Our GUI is vastly improved from P2 as well.

Next we have a comparison of some OOA and OOD. We are comparing our P2.5 and P4 designs. Use this to understand how design changes with projects.

Just got P5 and we thought you'd like to see our almost end results.
The paper works about perfectly here.

Finally we have an essay on Information Warfare, and how OOPS hinders and helps with it. Take a look at it, It provides some good insights into our field. Its based on a book "Information Warfare", by Winn Schwartau. If you get a chance go and read the book.

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