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Discussion 3 - Jimmy M. Espana

For Discussion 3, Part 1, I chose to discuss the following topic:
In detail, describe a feature of Squeak that you have found particularly useful. What is the feature? Why is it useful? How do you invoke it?

The feature of Squeak which I found to be particularly useful was the System Browser; Yes, I know this is probable not going to be a very useful post because most of us already know everything about the System Browser, but this was the only feature of Squeak which I found to be useful as of now (honesty). To me, the System Browser is more than just a feature of Squeak; basically, I believe, it is the most important part of Squeak. The reason why the System Browser is useful is because it is a development tool in Squeak for reading ("browsing") and editing Smalltalk source code. In other words, the System Browser allows us to work, save/edit our code, and manage our classes. Below, this paragraph is a screenshot of the System Browser in Squeak. You can invoke the System Browser in Squeak from the World menu by clicking on the "open..." submenu and then selecting "browser (b)". The top half contains all of the class information in this image of Squeak. This contains everything needed not only for Smalltalk, but also the Squeak environment itself. The leftmost pane contains the categories under which the classes are grouped. This includes such things as kernel classes, music classes, and graphic classes. The left-center pane contains the list of classes. Clicking on a category in the leftmost pane will automatically bring up this list. The right-center pane contains the different categories of methods that the classes are comprised of. It is brought up automatically when you click on a class. The rightmost pane contains all of the methods under a certain category. Again, these are brought up by clicking on a selection in the previous pane. The bottom half contains all of the code and other text for the classes.

Uploaded Image: System Browser# BookMorph.jpeg

For Discussion 3, Part 2, the two posts that I think are useful are the following:

Discussion 3 - Laura Parker
The reason why I found Laura Parker's Discussion 3 Part 1 post particularly useful is because I learned that you could not, once you started to edit a method, move onto another method without first saving the method you had started to edit first. Also, I found out that I wasn't the only person who had to download a few new copies of Squeak before I realized that I needed to put my code into the System Browser.
Discussion 3 - Oh Kil Kwon
The reason why I found Oh Kil Kwon's Discussion 3 Part 1 post particularly useful is because I learned of the ability to manipulate objects within a window, like a morph, by pressing yellow button on a morph. Also, I found out that inspecting objects leads to a better understanding of how objects, in Squeak, behave according to the method being called on it.

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