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Discussion 3

1. In detail, describe a problem that you experienced in Squeak. What was the problem? Why did it happen? How did you eventually overcome this problem?

While coding for M1, at one point I had a timer widget that appeared. Every second, it would increment its time and recalculate what page it thought the presenter should be on. I was trying to debug the page calculation by printing its estimation to the transcript. I would then attempt to tweak the calculation, and rerun the simulation.

Unfortunately, trashing all the widgets that appeared did not stop the process, nor the transcript printing.
The first time I ran the program, I would see the numbers printing every second, to the transcript. I trashed all the widgets, including the transcript, and reran the program. This time the transcript gave me the output from both runs of the program; I would see 2 numbers printing per second instead of 1. The more times I ran the program, the more confusing the output became.

Originally I had no idea why this happened and developed a clever workaround:

I saved my changes to a file and reloading that file in a new squeak image everytime I ran the program. This was very time-consuming and counterproductive, but it was successful.

I have since discovered that objects are still active and exist while in the trashcan. By emptying the trashcan, I am able to stop the process.

Arcadiy Kantor's Discussion 3
This person's issue with the periods seems to be a common one, although it wasn't a problem that I specifically had. The error messages or programming languages that assume knowledgeable and proficient users are often ambiguous at best. This user's description and advice is far more useful.

Sam Young's Discussion 3
Sam's problem and fix were incredibly helpful. We had encountered similar problems with producing a usable and useful file browser. Now we know what to do!

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