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Discussion 2 -- Joseph Earle

Joseph Earle
Discussion 2

1. Describe the Portland Form. Why it is useful?:

Rather than giving the technical specifications for doing a task, the task is presented in natural language as a solution to a problem. Further, the problem is presented first to give the reader an overview of the problem, then the solution is presented with a clear demarcation between the two so that the reader is well aware of the transition. This format helps the reader more intuitively understand the pattern, as less conscious thought is required to process the pattern.


2. Describe one design pattern or pattern language in your own words. Again, reference your sources. Explain what interests you about this pattern. Does it make sense to you? Can you see using it in your coding? If so, what for? If not, why not?:

User Interface by Kent Beck:
To create a useful user interface, first determine what decisions the user will be required to make. Then group these decisions into tasks. Finally group each task into a task window: each window is one screen to display to the user.

This pattern is interesting in that it is attempting to take the very difficult and contextual art of user interface design and standardize it. It does do a good job here, in that the difficult task of making the user interface is explained in a manner that allows for quick simplification. I will likely use a similar procedure in the future when I want to design user interfaces for any projects I work on.

(Kent Beck:

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