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Discussion 2 - Brandon Reynolds

Describe the Portland Form and why it is useful.

The Portland Form is particularly helpful due to the nature of its construction. Using common language in order to identify, assess, and resolve problems, the Portland Form is in the most easily understood format. Projecting ideas in 'pattern paragraphs' is a method of addressing a problem and evaluating solutions while breaking it down sequentially such that finding one solution segues into the next, more complex problem.

EPISODES: A Pattern Language of Competetive Development

The EPISODES pattern is more of a mental state of being than a design pattern to me. It mostly encourages discussion and brainstorming, with little or no documentation to accompany it. However useful this may be to a properly motivated and organized group, I do not see it as a very practical method of design. With no concrete concepts being recorded, it is easy for an original design to be thrown off or minsinterpreted, hindering progress. I cannot envision myself using such an abstract design method.

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