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HeadMorphs a plenty

"The face maker"

This is nothing more and very little less than a somewhat fun (depending on your idea of fun, that is) little project that allows the user to put together a personalized face ( actually a bit of a HeadMorph, but not quite ). Now, this does not yet have any direct application, but hopefully in the future ( meaning whenever I find some time ), this will be a nice utility that allows squeakers to represent themselves in a fairly unique way in any number of interactive simulations, including, multiplayer games, chat rooms, irc, some kind of mud or mush or moo perhaps, etc...

There really aren't any limitations as to what one could do with a tool like this, and one of the better features about it is that you can save and load up faces at your leisure, so you could create and save a nice little digital representation of yourself with this tool, and then insert it into your own tools for whatever purpose you might have.

Anyway, here's where we stand currently, and no, this is not anywhere near completion.

A rather shoddy main interface:
External Image

A face with a few features on it, including skin color, a little nose, and a hat.
External Image

The skin color selection screen. I'm still considering an option to let the user define their own custom colors, which wouldn't really be too much trouble to code in.
External Image

A look at the final product, on the save screen:
External Image

Anyway, any feedback of any sort would be appreciated, be it constructive or otherwise.

Here's the most current st file... ( finished, or, at least out of Beta testing. heee )
And a slightly older version:
And an even older one:

To get it running try the middle line of code:

External Image

Well, it's done. You may notice a few changes from previous versions. I certainly have. Then again, I wrote the thing. There are a few items that are bothering me about the whole project, though. It should be noted that at some point I would like to go and overhaul all the code for this, as I was looking through my source and noticed several areas that are either no longer necessary, are repetitive, or are just plain odd. For instance, depending on the system you are using, and how much memory you allocate, and the size of your screen, clicking on the new button can have a variety of interesting effects, not all of which are desirable. I'd appreciate it if someone would take the time to play with this for a bit and inform me of anything that really strikes them the wrong way, or of bugs, or pretty much any comments at all they might have.

I would also like at some point to integrate the existing headmorphs into this system, but that may require rewriting the headmorph class itself. There really is no reason for me having to produce a similar class to the headmorphs, except that I was none too anxious to drastically alter the original squeak source. At least not yet. However, the headmorph class does not allow for easy customization of its parts, as i suspect is because the original purpose of the heads was for an entirely different endeavour, as is shown by the inclusion of speech elements in to the class itself.

ps. If you have trouble using this, read the comments! That's what they're included for.

Until later,
Shaggz Mickley

That's really cool shaggz! Jennifer Raccuglia
u also implement this in vc++
why? Shaggz
does anyone go here anymore?
i still love you, shaggz!

no, it's a pretty lonely place these days =/ Shaggz

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