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Discussion 2 - Stephen Ake


1. The Portland form is a pattern language that is communicated in a very narrative, natural-sounding manner. As such, it is a type of design pattern, which is used to solve not only problems and solutions with software development, but any problem/solution set in general. The Portland form is the design pattern used by the Portland Pattern Repository, the first-ever wiki on the World Wide Web. The Portland form was given its name by Ward Cunningham, the administrator of the Portland Pattern Repository and the primary inventor of the design pattern. The Portland form is useful because it is easily readable by humans, it is understood by those who have little or no expertise with the subject at hand, and it can be abstracted away from software development to any kind of problem in general.

2. The Portland form seems easy to use, as the problems and solutions are described in plain language that anyone can read. This is useful because people who do not have expertise in the area of the problem can still understand the problem to an extent. I may use it sometimes in my coding, because I mainly use specification programming - I'll start with a list of requirements in front of me and start from there. The Portland form would just translate that list into narrative English. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't use the Portland form for much else.

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