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Blake Israel 2 Discussion 2

Part 1:

The Portland Form:

The Portland Form is a style of presenting a "pattern language" (i.e.: A group of patterns (solutions) that integrate with each other very nicely). The way something is presented in the Portland Form is foremost by Narrative. A basic outline of a Portland Formatted "essay" would be:
  1. The person has done something that has caused a specific problem.
  2. Explain to the person why the problem is there (bug, misuse, etc.).
  3. Make suggestions, or provide thoughts or answers on solving this problem.
  4. List all of the other problems that this solution helps fix.

It is highly suggested (mainly due to the simple formatting of the form) that some sort of link (hyper- maybe...) be used throughout the "essay" or discussion of the design language at hand. These links will connect previous/fute design languages and patterns that supliment or accentuate, or are even a pre-requisite to the current.

Part 2:

I chose a Code Formatting Patters solution. This is off of the plop site. (#2 in bib.) I thought it was interesting that they would even have a solution to the formatting of code. They describe the best ways to handle many of the formatting problems in Smalltalk/Squeak. I always like to keep the code on a project as consistent looking across users as possible. But to implement this in our project would require a consensus from all of the teammates. And since we are together on this for such a short time, whether or not we will adapt any of the rules suggested in the Form is very muchly dependant upon my Teammates. I will probably at least try to follow some of the good suggestions (esp. aboutt block formatting) at least on my own. I can understand if my teammates would like to just stick with their own coding styles, because Squeak isn't that keen on multi-programmer environments (at least IMHO).



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