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Discussion 2 - Sashmit Bhaduri

Portland Form

A document written in the Portland Form explains a set of design patterns. It is written in a narrative form in a set of sentences, as opposed to earlier outline-like forms. This is meant to somewhat "humanize" the patterns. Each of the patterns is weaved together to form a system of patterns. This allows the various patterns to be explained, understood, and linked together in a way that is natural. The Portland Form tends to allow designers to emphasize and demphasize the strongest and weakest patterns.

Singleton Pattern

A singleton pattern is a very simple pattern in which a class is accessed through a single
instance. This instance is usually accessed through a static method in a class in which the
method returns the global instance of the class. If the global instance has not been allocated,
then the method creates it and returns it. By making the constructor private, this effectively
makes sure that there is only one instance of the class.

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