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Discussion 2 - Nick Bowman

Part 1:

The creational pattern is used to make objects in your
program. This keeps the programmer from hard coding
objects in a program.

Structural patterns are used to link classes an objects
and to combine them to form “structures”. They can be
used to form GUIS and interfaces that require more than
one class and requires seamless integration.

Behavioral patterns are used to link or talk to a number
of classes/objects and manage what flows or what needs
to flow back and forth.

Part 2:

I chose the singleton design pattern. This pattern is
interesting simply because there can only be on instance
of this class at a time. There are several advantages
when using singleton to guarantee that only one instance
is created. This could be used in GUI’s such as only
having the one mouse pointer or only having one exit or
entrance point or gateway controlling where traffic flows.

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