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Discussion 2 - Patrick Bonaparte

Part 1

The term “pattern” as referred to by the article pertains to the method in which problems are solved, especially those that are attached to a recurring theme. The article also points out the following:

“As an element of language, a pattern is an instruction, which shows how this spatial configuration can be used, over and over again, to resolve the given system of forces, wherever the context makes it relevant.”

This implies that a certain context must exist in which such a pattern must reside while other problems within the same context also pervade. Pattern languages, however, only exist when a collection of these patterns are formed together and create a broader solution for a more complex problem. Each of these patterns work as a whole and by doing so, they fulfill a larger and more encompassing objective.

Part 2

I believe structural patterns possesses the most intuitive approach to programming and problem solving. By modeling how we think and the way the reality is understood, a structure based method allows for easy abstraction all while providing the simplest of ways to represent relationships between objects. Whenever there are such object to object relationships, I already tend to implement and utilize structural patterns and will continue to do so.

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