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Discussion 2 - Mark Shalda

Part 1. B) What are the differences between creational, structural, and behavioral patterns?

Creational patterns deal with the instantiation of objects in the code. They give the control to instantiate objecs to the program, allowing the user not to have to deal with it. Structural patters deal with larger data structures in the program. They group objects into larger complex systems such as complex user interfaces. Behavioral patterns describe the different flows of information within the program and the communication between objects.

Part 2. Describe one design pattern or pattern language in your own words. Again, reference your sources. Explain what interests you about this pattern. Does it make sense to you? Can you see using it in your coding? If so, what for? If not, why not?

I chose to talk about the "composite pattern". This pattern interest me cause i like how the information is formed in a tree structure. It shows a practical use for tree structures and seems easy to implement. It makes complete sense for certain typs of programs. Obviously it would only work for programs where your data is or could be put into a tree like sturcture. I not only can see using it my coding, but I have used a pattern like this without really knowing it. I used it for a program that searched google millions of times and reported back link structures. To store all the links of links, i would use child nodes underneith the original search string.

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