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Fall 2005 Discussion 2 Questions

DO we put the example pattern in our report, or just a link to it?

"Describe one design pattern or pattern language in your own words."

where and when can we view our grades?

We'll let you know when they're available. – Andrew Sayman

From the Georgia Tech Student's Bill of Rights (
  1. 8 The right to have reasonable access to grading instruments and/or evaluation criteria and to have graded material returned in a timely fashion.
  2. 9 The right to be informed of the grade appeals process.

From a newsgroup posting by one of the TAs:
"We will send out all your current grades prior to drop day and again prior
to final exams."

That certainly doesn't meet my definition of timely. We are given no opportunity to learn from our mistakes, except twice in the whole course. I hope thats not the official policy of this class.

Also, please let us know what the policy is for grades appeals.

Typically you deal first with your TA to try to resolve the discrepency. If you can't, then you set up an appointment with the professor to do so. – Andrew Sayman

Your reply doesn't address the "timely" concern – one which I happen to share. I'd like some feedback to know if I'm even approaching the assignment in the right way, let alone how well I do it! - Jack Gruendler

It should be noted that we don't announce anything officially on the newsgroups. What Babak meant is that those are the times when we send out grade reports, which include all grades so far in the course. We'll be sending the other grades as we've completed grading them for everybody – Andrew Sayman

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