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Discussion 1 - Joung Goo Lee

"The semantic differences and design choices between C# and Java" By Mark Johnson

How these languages differ:
It is JAVA language that is more simple and easier than C++. SUN developed JAVA and it has been used for web-programming from the middle of 90s; it was for the program that control home appliances’ controller.
At the end of 90s, Internet using was explosively increased. Also, JAVA was so spread widely because every program was made with web-base that MS who was threatened by it developed C# against JAVA. In fact, MS got the JAVA license from SUN in 1997 and developed MS JAVA, but they couldn’t use it because SUN brought a lawsuit against MS.

What is interesting is that MS JAVA was developed, but nobody saw it, actually and that is why I think C# is probably MS JAVA, which is from MS in 1997. The name, C#, was created because they, MS, couldn’t use the name “JAVA”, I guess. Truly, JAVA and C# are similar, but there are some more functions in C#.

Some of the features differences between C# and Java from article
Type system :
C# arrays work differently from Java arrays. C# defines several class member types that do not exist in Java: structs, enumerations, properties, delegates.

Primitive/object unification
C# type system that is bound to be popular is the use of all primitive types as objects. when we use primitive literal values, such as strings and integers, as if they were objects, without first constructing a String or Integer object in code, as is necessary in Java.

C# methods have some features that Java does not. In particular, C# provides several modifiers on method parameters and has keywords for virtual methods and method overriding.

How does it affect people's programming:
The both, that have similar functions and forms, are learnable languages for beginners, but they are definitely different in reality. JAVA, which was developed earlier than MS C#, has been used by lots of programmers and has been updated, but C# has not. Even though C# has more functions, it would be difficult to change it because it is not like learning MS WINDOW or OFFICE. Also, many programmers are extremely confused between the two programs. Therefore, I think C# has not that much effect, but for surviving as a major language, it needs to be friendlier to beginners.

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