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Discussion 1 - Nicholas Beckmann

“How does Ruby Compare with Python”

Ruby and Python are considered by most to be OOP languages, however only Ruby is “Pure”. Ruby has only objects and messages to objects. There are function calls in Python making it more of a mix between an object-oriented and a procedural language. Ruby has a well defined class hierarchy which implicitly promotes inheritance. Although inheritance is supported in Python it seems a little more awkward because of its “hybrid” nature.

Developers used to designing around the object-oriented paradigm and users of strictly object oriented languages such as Smalltalk will transition easily into using Ruby. Python resembles more of a procedural language, programmers used to C or C++ would recognize more of the syntax of Python than the rather large jump to a complete object-oriented environment.

Mike Hansen writes about the "key features" of object-oriented languages. His article deals mainly with C++ and Java which, in comparison to this article and Ruby, seem closer to python than a true object-oriented language.

Nicholas Beckmann

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