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Newspaper OOA and OOD for Team OCOPB

Newspaper OOA and OOD for Team OCOPB

Here is our UML and CRC for the Newspaper project, with comments on what we got marked off for, and how some things changed and evolved as time went ( can be found in the class descriptions ).

We got a 92 on this assignment. We spent a LOT of time arguing over how this should be set up so that it would model the real world as closely as possible. So our newspaper system, had departments, editors, reporters, photographers, a large overseeing "company" and of course, the presses (after all, it isn't a newspaper unless someone can yell "stop the presses!"). Most of our classes know nothing about the UI, except those developed for UI purposes.

To see our UML diagram, click here –> UML diagram.

To see the CRC cards, click below
CRC page1
CRC page2
CRC page3
CRC page4
CRC page5

Class Descriptions are at OCOPB Class Descriptions .

That's all folks.
Hope this helps somebody out.

Clint Freeman
Dipika Jane
Jason Dalton
David Rennie

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