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Discussion 1 -- Joseph Earle

Joseph Earle
Discussion 1

Article Link:

The above article compares Java to various other Object Oriented languages, mainly C++ Eiffel and Smalltalk. Primarily it finds that the differences between the languages are mostly superficial such that- on average- no one language is better than the others. It does; however, highlight several instances where one or the other would be better, for instance Java’s lack of multiple inheritance or the lack of innate garbage collection in C++. This means that a programmer can use any of the languages to write code, and can tailor their choice to what their program requires (C++ for multiple inheritance of Java for garbage collection.) The author’s conclusion sums it up nicely: “Java discarded interesting concepts from C++ […] probably due to achieving one of its design goals, namely, simplicity.” Again, this allows a programmer to choose which features they feel are important for the task at hand and be able to use a language that provides them while being as simple as possible in other respects.

Compare to other post:
After reading the discussion by Scott Le, he brings up another consideration for choosing between these languages: speed. As he mentions, C++ is much faster than Java. Thus, if speed is the programmer’s concern he could choose C++, forgoing Java’s garbage collection.

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