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Discussion 1 -Scott Le

Obect-Oriented Efficiency Comparison: Java, C++, and C#
by Mathias Bjorkquist and Sebastian Hyvonen

This article was written to compare the efficiency of the three languages give at performing varies task both OO and not. The efficiency of a language to perform a certain task was measured by taking the time the language took to complete a given task x number of times and dividing the total time by x to get the average time. The tests themselves were preformed on what would be considered an average computer these days.

The results were that C++ was the most efficient taking some times less then ms to complete tasks. This makes prefect sense since C++ is complied directly to the machine language ahead of time, while the other two are compiled at runtime. C# seems to be the second most efficient language in the lineup. The current draw back of C# is that it has a limited number of platforms on which to run on. Coming in last is java taking sometimes 30% longer then C# to perform a task. Of course there are other considerations when choosing a programming language then just efficiency. Some other things to consider are portability and ease of use. While C++ and Java are both very portable, C++ is not considering easy to use in any sense. Of course we just can't forget about C#. While it is a relatively new language it does have some potential. If you look at Sashmit Bhaduri discussion you’ll see how java and C# compares to each other, although the article seems to be bias towards C#, and how C# has can do everything java can and then some.

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