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Robert Hutson

Name: Robert "Daniel" Hutson
Other classes:
A little about me:
In terms of computer programming, I am a Java/C wizard. I have no experience with Squeak or Smalltalk before this class. I am pretty good at thinking my way through large programming tasks by breaking things down to a fairly simple level. I am thinking about specializing in Graphics, but haven't fully decided on that yet. Now for the other stuff...
In my spare time, I write songs for my band as the guitar player. I'm trying to work on singing but without much luck, so I may just 'scream'. I am really into emo/hardcore music, and it is my outlet for stress. For exercise, I ride my bike about 30 miles 3-5 days a week. Since Georgia Tech doesn't leave much time for other enjoyable activities, this is basically my life, lol.

NOTE: A picture may be posted soon.

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