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Discussion 1 - Nirav Shah'Reilly%20Books/books/javaenterprise/jnut/ch02_14.htm

I read an article from 2001 entitled Differences Between C and Java (Java in a Nutshell) by David Flanagan. It talks about the several major differences between the two languages – one major difference is that Java has garbage collection while in C you have to manage memory yourself. Other differences include having pointers, preprocessors or platform-dependent primitive type sizes in C, while not having them in Java, and having no global variables and allowing local variables to be declared everywhere (not just at the beginning of a method) in Java. The result from these differences is that Java is more of a robust, easier to use language then C. Because you don’t have to worry about memory (automatic garbage collection) leaks, bugs from pointers (no pointers in Java), bugs from primitive type sizes incompatible with different platforms, or bugs from local variables not being declared at the beginning of a method, programming becomes easier in Java. The programmer can worry more about if his/her code is efficient instead of having to worry about bugs resulting from memory or pointers. However, the self-memory management in C results in more efficient memory management, as the automatic garbage collection in Java tends to utilize more memory.

I read Tom Filip’s discussion on the differences between OO languages. Although I agree with his analyzation of the biggest differences between OO languages as the different ways of memory allocation/garbage collection, I also disagree with his assertion that there is not an “easy programming language” out there. That is, I believe that some languages are easier to learn and use then other languages. For example, I believe that Java is much easier to approach and learn then a language such as C-simply because of automatic garbage collection and other differences present.

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